Friday, May 14, 2010

Stafford House, Paintsville, Johnson County

This building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.


  1. Is this Stafford house still owned by the Stafford family and was the Staffords that lived in the house at one time any relation to James Stafford and Abigail Davis Stafford.
    James would have been living in this area around 1750 to 1800's and etc.
    It was a beautiful home at one time and is a shame that it is in the condition as it is now.
    I am a granddaughter of James Stafford and Abigail Davis,Stafford.

  2. FM Stafford was my ggg grandfather, at the time the house was added to the registry, it was owned, I believe by May Stafford. Since her death, it was passed to another relative and then offered for sale. It was a beautiful place and I am sad about it's condition. What memories this house held. It was used for a hospital in the Civil War, with surgeries done on the dining room table. I don't know who owns it now. Thanks, Becki Justice My grandmother was Araminta Stafford, daughter of Fm Stafford and Marietta Hager Lavender

  3. Yes the Francis M. Stafford is related to James and Abigail (Davis) Stafford. Francis M was the son of John Stafford who was the son of James and Abigail (Davis)Stafford. James & Abigail are my gg grandparents. I just visited the home on June 26, 2012 and it is being restored

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