Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hunnicutt House, KY Rt. 1, Webbville, Lawrence County


  1. Thanks for posting these great pictures of Eastern Kentucky. Can you tell me anything about the HUNNICUTT HOUSE photo you have in the Webbville section. Do you know which Hunnicutt lived in that house? My family comes from Lawrence County.

    Thanks, Bill Hunnicut, Indianapolis

  2. House built in 1870s by Lindsey Lester and Nancy Sturgill Pennington. The Hunnicutt who lived in the house from about 1938 was Milton Hunnicutt (1884-1965) s/o John B Hunnicutt and Sarah Rebecca Waggoner, gs/o Nathan Hunnicutt. Miltie m 1st Alverta Boggs; m. 2nd Bertha Wright Green. Property still (2015) belongs to Hunnicutt heirs.

  3. Just stumbled on this. We had new siding put on the house several years ago so it looks much better than these current pics. My great grandpa Milton passed away in that house from a heart attack in 1963 after shoveling Snow. Bertha Hunnicutt lived there until about 1990. She passed away in a nursing home at age 99 in 1991. Thanks for putting our families house on this page. .......Travis Collinsworth 8132153450